Update on the "Lawless Election Bill" --a license for corruption

On Monday, February 10 the Colorado Senate will debate whether to issue a licence for election corruption--House Bill 14-1164.  Watch the debate on the General Assembly Website, and follow the Tweets on #Coleg, beginning at roughly 10:30 to 11 a.m.

House Bill 14-1164, if passed, will be the most complex election "law" in the country for conducting local elections, I'm certain. It is a free-for-all of multiple choice options rather than law.  It privitizes local elections, allowing "officials for hire"  to have unilateral control over elections and conduct them long distances from the voters!

The bill eliminates Secretary of State oversight of local elections and abolishes the requirement to comply with  Election Rules!  The "election official for hire" unilaterally recruits and fires the counting judges, selects the counting software (with no certification requirements), counts the ballots, conducts the recounts and certifies the results.

The bill  eliminates criminal penalties for such crimes as tampering with the pollbook!  Not suprisingly, the bill is being pushed by the "elections for hire" industry and taxing authorities. The Democrats have been fully supportive of the bill to date. Hopefully, when they better understand the bill, they will quickly kill this hydra-headed monster.

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Facts about HB14-1164, the "Lawless Local Election Bill"

Key problems with HB14-1164 

1. For any existing Colorado voter, HB14-1164 abolishes all local residency time requirements, undermining local control. Rural and small-district voters report serious objections to the idea of no time investment in the community for voting on local issues. Financially healthy districts can be taken over with ease to gain control of their budgets. "Local Control" and "Home Rule" become hollow slogans without a residency requirement in local elections. (The residency requirement is for 22-days residency in the state, allowing registered voters to vote in any jurisdiction without any local residency.) [Impacts all elections.]   

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Lawless Local Elections bill hearing Monday, Jan. 27--please oppose

 The following letter was sent to Colorado voters and lawmakers today. 


Colorado Voters,


Please ask citizens (particularly local government board members) to testify tomorrow (or write immediate emails) against what I'm calling the "Lawless Local Elections Act" (HB1164 Representative Hullinghorst's "Non-Partisan" Local Elections bill). Without immediate testimony and pushback from citizens, lawmakers will rush this bill through passage, as they did its mother bill--HB1303--the much decried "elections modernization bill." The Son-of-1303 (HB1164) is even more outrageous than the mother (HB1303). This bill should have never seen the light of day.


-The bill is so bold that it decriminalizes registering under fictitious names  or false addresses when registering to vote in many local elections.


-The bill abolishes all residency requirements for voting in taxing districts such as fire districts, school districts, cities, towns, recreation districts, etc. It is  "just show up and say you live here and vote," -with impunity. Zero days' residency requirement.


-The bill exempts 2000 local taxing districts from Secretary of State election rules, and exempts their elections from any oversight by the Secretary of State.


-The bill vests almost absolute power to control the election in the hands of one local official to appoint and fire election judges, and remove any press or watchers at their whim to avoid oversight.


-No requirement to use any particular election code. Local officials could use any or all of various codes, or as a practical matter, they could use NO ELECTION LAW governing the local elections.


-The bill attempts to cleanse the many problems of the November 2013 elections under HB1303 by declaring all November elections legal and valid. Never mind the ever-mounting problems in Broomfield, that have spawned three court cases.


Those are just a few of the outrageous provisions.

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Broomfield Election Complaint Presentation---SOS Hearing

Presentation Matierials for SOS Public Hearing for  Election Complaint



Proposed Law (HB1164) allows "drive-by" voters (-0- days residency)

The following letter was sent to Colorado local officials and candidates January 22, 2013

Should people be allowed to vote on local races and taxes who have not lived in your town, school district, library district, or fire district even a full day? Should mail ballots require no signature verification and be accepted on the "honor system?"

Some Colorado legislators and lobbyists think so! Their efforts must be defeated.

The just-introduced 133-page bill rips the very concept of "local control" from the hands of local citizens. Your leadership is required to defeat this terrible public policy shift. For example:

  1. This bill would allow people who have never lived in your jurisdiction to vote in your local elections, taking a page from "gypsy" voting in state elections last year. 
  1. The bill exacerbates problems caused by last year's election bill: unverifiable election results, excessive cost, lawsuits, loss of voter confidence. (See Denver Post's review of Broomfield's "fumbled" election.) 

New law is essential to repair the reckless, expensive damage from 2013's election bill,

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