The Citizen Center

Dedicated to the people’s right to know and the citizens’ role as the final judge of all public business

About Us

The Citizen Center is a nonpartisan non-profit organization that uses public advocacy and high-impact legal tools to ensure greater transparency and accountability in government and public oversight of government and elections.

Why Is Citizen Oversight Necessary?

Only through unobstructed access to public records and meetings combined with fair elections can citizens fulfill their role of being masters of their government, not its servants.

Our Methods to Assure Citizen Oversight

The Citizen Center defends the rights of citizens to oversee their government.

  • We expose the ways that national, state, and local governments obstruct the public’s right to know
  • We seek redress through petition, formal complaint, and other legal action, thereby reinforcing the people’s rights of unobstructed access to public records, meetings, and fair elections.·
  • We work to increase election integrity through citizen involvement and oversight.

Citizen Center is a non-profit advocacy  organization founded by Marilyn Marks, Aspen, CO.